Best of 2012

Best of 2012
Polly Castor artist

Inside/Outside (oil) by Polly Castor


Wow. I’ve finished four years on this daily blog. That’s 1,424 entries! 

Until this blog becomes searchable –hopefully in this coming year– I have a tradition of making a “best of” list with links, which folks (including me) have found it especially helpful to cycle back to for reference. (See previous lists: Best of 2009 , Best of 2010 and Best of 2011) Bookmarking these can be a handy help in finding that entry you will want to utilize in the future. Eventually this blog will have tags and a search feature, but even then, I’ll like this retrospective on the highlights of the year. You also may wish to forward this list to someone you think might enjoy this blog…

This is by no means an exhaustive list of links, even though it contains more than a small selection. These are the ones you guys responded to the most.  If you are missing one of your favorites here, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.  I’ve sorted them by category for convenience’s sake… although many cross over categories as well!


College View Book Collage

Helen Frankenthaler

My Recent Digital Artwork

Finished Large Pastel from Last Fall

“Post Odyssey” Show

Glass Beads We Made

High Ridge House Art Show & Auction

My New Pottery Fresh from the Kiln

Baltimore Art Museums

I Finished my 40” x 60” Painting – My Largest Yet

Emil Nolde’s Female Faces

Current Guild Art Show

Three New Pieces of Pottery

New Abstract Oil Painting

Artist Paul Signac

My New Oil Painting: Looking Toward the Saffron Hills

Two New Abstract Watercolors

Watercolors Done at the Quarry

Community Painting Project

An Oil Painting with Details

My New Oil Painting: What it Takes to Grow

My Watercolor of Winter Harbor

Two Representational Paintings Done at Creative Arts Camp

Creative Arts Camp 2012: Art by Others

My Large Abstract Oil Painting Done at Camp

I’m in this Juried Show at Ridgefield Guild of Artists

My Artist’s Statement

New Pastel: Sunset over Eagle Lake

My New Mixed Media Painting

Art Work I’ve Liked Recently in Art Daily

Two New Mixed Media Collages

I Donated this New Painting of Mine

Two New Gouaches

My Two New Mixed Media Collages

Festive Home Show 2012

Artwork I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

My New Gouache: A Turkish Sultan’s Portrait

Christmas Art with Quote

Pottery I Made and Gave for Christmas Gifts


Photos of IKEA

Recent Black & White Photographs

Photos of 3 Week Old Bunnies

Photos of our Re-blooming Amaryllis

Orchid Re-blooming Again

Photos of NLC Class of 2012 Graduation

Photos of Architecture in Jamaica Plain

Spring Walk Around Jamaica Lake

Carpet of Crocus

Apricot Blossoms

Photos of NYC Upper East Side

AIPAD Photography Show in NYC

Fabulous Forsythia

Photos from a Hike in the Woods

Laurel Ridge Daffodils

Our Weeping Cherry Tree

Photos of Spring at Wave Hill

Hot House Photos

Photos of Swarthmore Visit

Swarthmore Peonies

Photos of Succulents

My Kids’ Robot at the Homeschooling Science Fair

St. John’s College Beats the Navy at Croquet

Photos of Spring Cotillion

Photos from a Stroll Down Main Street Ridgefield, CT

Butterball Bush Photos

A Dream House

Photos of the 5K Tribute Run

Photos of Rhododendrons

Photos of Our Yard on Memorial Day

New Pond Farm Photography Show

“Scanner Photography” by Ellen HoverKamp

My Sister’s Family Comes For Lunch

Photos of Houses in my Neighborhood Last Spring

Photos of a Hot Walk at New Pond Farm

Frog Frolic

Photos of the Barn at New Pond Farm

Black & White Wigwam Photos

New Pond Farm Shakespeare 2012

Photos of Beekeepers

Photos of People at Sidewalk Sale

Other Photos from Sidewalk Sale

Photos of Savoy Cabbage

Some Photos of Sheep


Photos of Chickens

Laura’s Half-Birthday Quarry Party 2012

Photos of Cut Flowers at Holbrook Farm

Tiger Swallowtail Photos

Photos of Water in Long Island Sound

Our Son turns 18 Today

Dropping our Son off at College

Sunset in Castine

Water on Penobscot Bay

Weathered Green Barn

Creative Arts Camp: the Setting

Creative Arts Camp 2012: the People

Photos of Camp Details

Flirting with Belugas

Photos Our Daughter at Sand Beach

Photos of Sand Beach in Acadia National Park

Sunset Dinner on the Bay in Bar Harbor

Photos of People I Don’t Know

Early Fall Color

Photos of Fall Reflections 2012 Part 1

Photos from an Autumn Walk with Our Youngest

Consignment Store Photos

Photos from a Walk Around Jamacia Lake

Photos of Fall Reflections 2012 Part 2

Photos of Charlie Crow

My Recent Black and White Photos

Family Photos of Christmas Day 2012


Healthcare Law Doesn’t Accommodate Christian Science

Lord’s Prayer Message Style

Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

Psalm 23 – Japanese Version

Golden Rule, Silver Rule and Diamond Rule

Tithing Time

Talking Clay and Discerning God’s Will

Prayer is a Campaign that Keeps its Promises

NYC Church Alive Summit

Kickoff of JSH-Online

My Good Friday Sermon 2012

National Day of Prayer

Based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Annual Meeting 2012

Short Prayers

How Do You Do All You Do?

Meetings to Try to Opt Out of PPACA

Today I Heard the Dalai Lama Live!

Our Booth Today at a Local Health Expo

Uncontentious Elections

Book of Common Prayer on Elections

What is Truth?

What Do Christian Science Practitioners Look Like?

Gratitude Requires Action

Sandy Hook Elementary School Killings

Christian Science Quotes I’ve been Pondering

An Unexpected Christmas

Howard Thurman Quote


25 Practical Ideas

Art from Beach Plastic

How Do Homeschoolers Change a Light Bulb?

50 Ways to Show Kids You Care

A Lovely Memorial Service

Words with Friends

Two Quotes on Effort and Success

Illiterate Grandmothers Solar Power Africa

Scale of the Universe: Great Comparisons!

My Son and I Visited Dartmouth Today

Last Night I Dreamt about Running for President

Kodak/Shutterfly Object Lesson

Float Your Sunflowers!

Writing Prompt: The Petoskey Stone Mouse

Clarissa Pinkola Estes Quote


A Memorial to Zig Ziglar in Quotes

Mindfulness with a Teenager

Christmas Songs as Named by Lawyers


Book Review: Hand Wash Cold

Book Review: Imagine a Day / Imagine a Place

Book Review: The Sisters from Hardscrabble Bay

Book Review: Strokes of Genius

Book Review: Bright and Distant Shores

Book Review: Truman

Book Review: The Opposite of Art

Book Review: Being Bold with Watercolor

Book Review: The Cookbook Collector

Book Review: A Homemade Life

Book Review: The Joy Diet

Book Review: The White Tiger

Book Review: Sketchbook Confidential

Book Review: A Bigger Message (Conversations with David Hockney)

Good Picture Books for Kindergarten

Book Review: American Grown

Book Review: Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

Good Fiction for ‘Tweens

Good books for an 8 year old Girl

Book Review: Age of Miracles

Book Review: State of Wonder

Book Review: Bird Cloud

Book Review: The Red Book

Book Review: Goode’s World Atlas

Book Review: Strength in What Remains

Book Review: I’ve Got Your Number

Book Review: Imagine: How Creativity Works

Links for the First Half of History (Mostly in Picture Books)

Book Review: Artist’s Journal Workshop

Book Review: Arcadia

Book Review: Unpacking My Library: Writers and Their Books

Book Review: Thirteen Moons

Book Review: Joy for Beginners

Book Review: Sophie Dahl’s Cookbooks

Gifts of Nonfiction We Received


Movie Review: Joyful Noise

Movie Review: The Artist

Movie Review: Lemon Tree

Movie Review: The Mighty Macs

Movie Review: Pride and Prejudice

Movie Review: All the President’s Men

Movie Review: Voyage of the Universe

Movie Review: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Movie Review: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Movie Review: Too Big to Fail

Movie Review: Moonrise Kingdom

Movie Review: The September Issue

Movie Review: Brave

Movie Review: Intouchables

Movie Review: Dave

Movie Review: Anna Karenina

Movie Review: Lincoln


Recipe: Chicken Stuffed with Spinach, Blue Cheese and Bacon

Recent Food Around Here

Recipe: Mustard Roasted Fish

Recipe: Easy Mexican Tilapia Bake

Recipe: Tofu with Shrimp and Vegetables

Recipe: Baked Winter Squash Soup

Recipe: Watercress, Pear and Walnut Salad

Recipe: Roasted Ratatouille

Recipe: Awesome Carrot Cake

Recipe: Quinoa & Lentil Pilaf

Recent Food

Sprouted Spelt Flour

Recipe: Date Muffins

Annapolis Food

Recipe: Roasted Strawberries

Recipe: Pumpkin Cornmeal Muffins

Voting with your Food Dollars

Recipe: Wild Rice & Tilapia Casserole

Recipe: Garlicky Open-Faced Avocado & Egg Sandwich

Recipe: Cornbread with Sprouted Flour

Recipe: Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Recipe: Garlic Scape and Almond Pesto

We Are Growing Our Own Sprouts

Recipe for a Fabulous Arugula Salad

July’s Abundant CSA Produce

Baking Soda for Easy-to-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

Recipe: Blueberry Corn Saladita

Recipe: Peach Galette

CSA Tomato Harvest 2012

August CSA Produce 2012

Recipe: Cream-Braised Green Cabbage

The Last of the Harvest

Recipe: Zucchini Raisin Muffins

Boston Food

Thanksgiving Dishes for Vegetarians

Winning Hearts and Minds Cake: aka Flour-less Chocolate Cake

Photos of Our Recent Salads

Photos of Recent Food

Recipe: Rolo Pretzel Delights


New Poem by me: A Tribute to Wilma Johnson

Groundhog Day Poem by Blog Reader

New Poem by Me: Obscure Escape Hatch

New Poem by me: Synergy

Poem by Virginia Thesiger: The Safe Place

New Poem by me: Rendered Dysfunctional

New Poem by Me: Zeroing in on the Practice

New Poem by Me: Fireworks

My New Poem: Morning After Hard Rain

My New Poem: What Does the Christ Do?

Poem by Jena Strong: What if

New Poem by me: That Old Picnic Table Feeling

Poem: On the Other Side of the Peninsula

Poem by me: A Torch to Light My Way

New Poem: An Ode to Sandy

Poem by Cindy Maddox


My Son Received His Congressional Medal

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