Most artists have a day job. Mine is a pastoral ministry where I get to love all over people when they need it most. I’m a Christian Science Practitioner and help people through prayer. I’m paid by my clients, not by my church. I pray when I’m not painting, and paint when I’m not praying, so much so that it all merges for me. Spirituality infuses everything I think or do.

As a practitioner, I work with people from all faith backgrounds, in any circumstance, from all over the world. You too are welcome to my services, regardless of your geography, perspective, or issue. This is about practical prayer that can heal bodies, relationships, and situations.

I am available to prayerfully support you through all sorts of crises, illness, doubt or questioning. Christian Science treatment can heal, regenerate, enlighten thought, and meet needs.  I am also available to help you further your own spiritual journey.

I’ve been in the full time public practice of Christian Science since 1997, when I left my own structural engineering firm to pursue the more satisfying work of healing people instead propping up skyscrapers.

I was formerly a flagrant atheist, but am now an unapologetic believer in God as Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Principle.  To me, as a Christian Scientist, God is infinite, all powerful, ever-present, and good.  Understanding God in this way has made all the difference in my life and it can in yours as well.

I am usually on call. So please don’t be shy about “bothering me” with your problems or needs. Nothing is too big or too small and no subjects are taboo. It is my joy to be available to you and be of help; do not hesitate to reach out if you feel God is impelling you to do so.


Contact me if I can be of help, to find out more about how this works, or to inquire about fees.

Click here to pay for Christian Science services via PayPal (Please put “CS practice” in the purpose box at the top of the form). You also can use Venmo, or send a check.

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Buy a copy of Science and Heath with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy here.

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