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Book-based Curriculum We’ve Loved

  • Sonlight: wonderful literature, history and geography book choices; also full curriculum provider. (Secular & Christian)
  • Five in a Row: Wonderful literature program using picture books for kids 4-7 years old (Secular)
  • Story of Science Books: we love this science series by Joy Hakim (Secular) (see my review)
  • History of US: we also love this history series Joy Hakim (Secular)
  • Shurley: great series for a good foundation in grammar (I don’t love the writing piece but the grammar bit is great.)
  • Runkle Geography: we love this Physical Geography series (Secular)
  • Real Science 4 Kids: we loved these science books, with real science presented accessibly (Secular)
  • Veritas: wonderful literature, history and geography book choices; also full curriculum provider. (Secular & Christian)
  • Bravewriter: Language arts and writing (Secular)
  • Teaching Textbooks: Math curriculum on CD ROM with video lessons, and very problem explained. (Secular)
  • Royal Fireworks Press: Language arts, especial good vocabulary and five level analysis grammar (for after Shurley see above) (Secular)
  • Books by Thornton Burgess: Wonderful nature study read alouds and readers for young children (set available at Dover) (Secular)
  • For Such a Time as This: Rigorous High School Language Arts Curriculum (Christian)
  • Peace Hill Press: Books for a Well Trained Mind, Story of the World, history, geography and language arts (Secular)
  • The Great Courses: DVDs and audios of award-winning university professors; expensive so buy on sale (Secular)
  • Mystery of History: Chronological history for multiple ages and skill levels with activities and Bible woven in (Christian)
  • Yesterday’s Classics: republisher of classic books for children originally published between 1880 and 1920 (Secular)
  • A Beka: we used and liked their elementary level math program (however would not recommend as entire box curriculum for every subject) (Christian)
  • Cannon Press: Logic course (Christian)
  • Apologia Young Explorers Series: Charlotte Mason style science unit studies for younger kids.
  • Beginnings Publishing: Good hands on science for middle school (Rainbow program) and High School Chemistry (Spectrum program) with labs included
  • Rosetta Stone: CD Language Instruction. Be sure to get Homeschool edition. Strong on vocabulary, weak on grammar. (Secular)
  • Life of Fred: Amusing narrative math books good for review purposes
  • Harold Jacobs Math Books: Algebra, Geometry, and especially love the Human Endeavor book
  • Jackdaw Publications: Primary source documents


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Online Course Providers We’ve Used


Activities Our Kids Especially Enjoyed


Other resources we have not used
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Update on our Three Kids

Virginia: Graduated from St. John’s College in Annapolis with a BA in Liberal Arts, and from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. She works on Early Education Public Policy for the State of California in Sacramento, California. (Homeschooled Grades 3-12)

Andrew: Graduated from Swarthmore College with high honors with a double major in Political Science (BA) and Engineering (BS), he is living in Washington D.C. designing software and algorithms to analyze data for public policy applications, both domestically and internationally, for a firm called Palantir. (Homeschooled  Grades 1 – 12)

Laura: Graduated Juanita College in Pennsylvania in the spring of 2019 majoring in Physics, and minoring in both Math and Studio Art. She is now working toward her PhD in high energy Physics at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, while teaching Physic I there. (Homeschooled Grades K – 12)



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