Picture Books by Holling Clancy Holling

Picture Books by Holling Clancy Holling

Holling Clancy Holling

I remember these books from when I was a child – particularly Paddle to the Sea. My kid’s favorites were Minn of the Mississippi (about a turtle) and Pagoo (about a hermit crab).

I am thinking about these books now after a discussion of a “hermit crab invasion” while I was in Maine. The book Pagoo is the only reason I am a wealth of information about hermit crabs. It is that good, and presented in a way that I still remember it after all this time.

Every child should have the opportunity to read this series of books in an unhurried way with an adult. There is a lot to learn in these books– history, nature, geography– and the tiny details in the drawings in the margins are particularly wonderful.

For homeschoolers that want to do these books as part of a curriculum it is now available from Beautiful Feet, but we didn’t do it that way. Cuddling up on the sofa and taking it slowly a few page spreads at a time is all you need in my opinion. These books are better done together.

If you know some child in the 3rd to 6th grade range who has not had the pleasure and privilege of these books, I encourage you to make up for this glaring omission! I can’t recommend these classics highly enough for some old fashioned quality time with someone you love.

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