Photos of Way More Flooding

Photos of Way More Flooding


A couple weeks ago we had five inches of rain with lots of flooding, trees down, and power outages. On my blog see my photos of it by clicking here and clicking here. In the last two days we got six more inches of rain, this time on an already saturated water table. That makes over eleven inches of rain that we’ve had in March! Our paper concluded that this is equal to 6.6 billion gallons on just our town in March. “April showers” haven’t even begun! All this water is moving fast – even creating whitecaps – but also is collecting idle in any low spot. Water covers lawns and driveways and some trees are waist deep in water. Streams exist where they never did before.

The photos here were taken in all different spots than a couple weeks ago, and all include photos of where water doesn’t usually reside. And these photos show a diminished situation, since I waited over 24 hours to take them. If I had photographed yesterday in the rain, you would have seen another whole scale of the situation. Yesterday I drove through about three feet of water to get my daughter to a class! Our governor declared a state of emergency and called out the reserves with sand bags! I’m grateful we live on a high spot and that our basement is dry. Not everyone can say the same. Anyway, check out the photos and stay dry!

IMG_1342 IMG_1321 IMG_1326 IMG_1315 IMG_0484 IMG_1164 IMG_1283 IMG_1274 IMG_1092 IMG_1193 IMG_1186 IMG_1119 IMG_1251 IMG_1138 IMG_1129 IMG_1168 IMG_1097 IMG_1260 IMG_1144 IMG_1180 


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