New Sgraffito Pottery out of the Kiln

New Sgraffito Pottery out of the Kiln

New Sgraffito Pottery out of the Kiln

With all these snow days hitting on Tuesdays, I haven’t been at the pottery studio much since Christmas. So here is my latest batch out of the kiln, a bit belated.

The fabulous one above was for my husband for Valentine’s Day, even though it looks a bit more like the Fourth of July. What can I say? This pottery work is a very slow turn around. It was worth the wait, and is a perfect size at 11″ across. I show it last below as well, in different light.

The small handleless mug below with the purple flowers was for my middle sister’s birthday, which (yay!) arrived on time; lavender and green together are her favorite color combo.

And the kitchen utensil holder in hyacinth colors (with a turquoise inside), the yellow and black bowl, as well as the yellow and black plate, are all available for sale; let me know if you are interested. I’m starting to collect work for a one woman pottery show in August and September, where they might be shown, if they don’t sell first.

I’m running behind on sgraffito commissions because of these ongoing weather cancellations, so if you are wondering, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ll get to them eventually. (The things here were started before New Year’s!)

IMG_8989 (1)  IMG_9684 IMG_9707  IMG_9702  IMG_9672

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  1. Heidi Smith 6 years ago

    The one you made for James could also be blood/heart/valves-colored…a scientific approach to hearts and love! It turned out so so beautiful!!

  2. Loree Ogan 6 years ago

    You are so multitalented! The pottery is stunning.

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