We Got a Free Kiln!

We Got a Free Kiln!

We got a free kiln and moved it, via a borrowed pick up truck, to our detached garage yesterday. It is a very nice kiln, and our youngest daughter and I are very excited about it. She hasn’t done any ceramics since graduating with a minor in that last year, and I haven’t done any since last December.

For the last decade, I’ve been paying for time in a pottery studio each week, and now we are moving toward having our own set up, which will be much less expensive and more convenient in the long run.

The kiln is the first big piece. Just getting the electricity out to the separated garage is costly, but once we can take that step, we can run it on our solar. We don’t yet have a pottery wheel or any other equipment, so we are definitely not in “go” condition, but we are delighted to be moving in that direction!

Feeling very grateful for this current leap forward, and trying to be patient for the next right steps in their own good time.


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  1. Diane W 4 years ago

    Looks beautiful! Now you’ll have fun doing all your tests to see how it fires! Like any oven I think they are all different. Look forward to seeing what comes out of it!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 4 years ago

      It’ll be a while, for no electricity yet!!

  2. John gregory 4 years ago

    Do not need the heat, and may not fit in my tiny space, unless I can sleep in it! Nice gift!

  3. Mary Jo Beebe 4 years ago

    Rejoicing with you. This is such a wonderful blessing!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 4 years ago


  4. Meg Hanson 4 years ago

    Wow cool! My mom was a ceramic artist for many years. After my sister and I were adults on our own, she started taking community ed ceramics classes and decided she really enjoyed it. After taking classes at various places she decided to go back to college. She had started college after high school, but dropped out and gotten married, as was common with her generation. She completed a BFA at the University of Minnesota and then had many happy years creating some beautiful and creative things, including tiles for 2 fireplaces in their retirement home. Later when my mom realized that my sister did not know where she had been born, she started writing her memoir which she/we self published in 2014 (or was it 2015?) “The Red Cottage”. (yes, the one that just had 2 trees fall on it). She literally left projects half done when she started writing, and later my sister and I had to clean it all up. She never did anything half ass. She took many writing seminars and joined a writing group to improve her writing skills. A few years ago we sold my mom’s kiln to a friend, which she was not happy about. She had not used it for many years and the clay work was too physically hard for her at that point. In her head she knew she would not use it, but it was still hard to give it up. This is all more info than you needed but sounds like a future blog post for me. (P.S. the trees are already removed from off the cottage. There is some damage to the roof which can be repaired, the interior is intact. Phew!!!) FYI The book is available on Amazon in both print on demand paper, and kindle. It is on kindle unlimited if you have that.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 4 years ago


  5. Patti 4 years ago

    So happy for you. When I read the title, I knew it was a blessing from God. He surely does answer prayer. God bless your developing studio!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 4 years ago


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