Prayer Nuggets #2

Prayer Nuggets #2

Prayer Nuggets #2

I have been following my daily prayer time with choosing one thing I had pondered while praying, and then writing it down in a journal. The idea is then to stick to this idea, bringing it forward at the helm of thought into every aspect of that day.

This is a new series, so you might want to check out Prayer Nuggets #1 here. The references below with the abbreviation “SH” refer to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

Here are some nuggets from my private prayers that I’ve been outwardly working on lately:

  • Be absent from the body and present with my definition of God.
  • Express moderation, balance, and order.
  • Own that my ancestry is beautiful and good.
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  • Nothing by any means shall hurt me. (Luke 10:19)
  • Love is a very present help.
  • All good is possible right now because God is good and is here.
  • I am humbly obedient to the Mind that made me.
  • “Quicken me according to thy loving kindness” (Psalms 119:159)
  • “Let not any iniquity have dominion over me” (Psalms 119:133)
  • Be firm and constant without being pharisaical or dogmatic.
  • Good thoughts protect and shield me.
  • Evil is a mockery of actual power.
  • Embody right thinking!
  • The divine Mind gets all the glory.
  • God and I are inseparable.
  • My first duty is “to obey God, to have one Mind, and to love another as [myself].” (SH 496:5)
  • God has always been reconciled to us!
  • “Hold fast that which is good.” (I Thessalonians 5:21)
  • The only demands on us are what we can certainly fulfill. (SH 233:7)
  • God knows my heart and my thoughts.
  • You make your own heaven or hell, so choose carefully.
  • Forget not all of God’s benefits! (Psalms 103:2)
  • Be receptive of the advanced idea! (SH 323:32)
  • Leave the old for the new. (SH 323:32)
  • Be in conformity with Christ. (SH 337:10)
  • God is unifying men and nations right now.
  • The divine must overcome the human at every point.” (SH 43:27)
  • Exercise moral courage.
  • Remember how Deborah the judge-prophetess commander-in-chief of the army of Isreal owned her own power in Old Testament times. She wielded 40 years of peace and no one challenged her nor marginalized her.
  • Be ready for God to show up unannounced.
  • Silence discord with harmony. (SH 495:24)
  • Give my entire attention to what God is doing right now.
  • Do not be afraid of being thought ridiculous.

Any you have to add in the comments?


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