Movie Review: Letters to Juliet

Movie Review: Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet

I really liked this movie and give it five stars. Now, I know there are some among you that will complain about that saying, it is only a four star movie. But it does perfectly what it sets out to do, and its moral of not always wondering, but seizing the day and going for it, may not seem profound unless you give it a try. It’s only corny, simplistic or cliche if you haven’t experienced the powerful truth of that. Vanessa Redgrave is marvelous in this; what a wonderful character to emulate, so beautiful, understanding, courageous and kind. This movie came along when I hadn’t seen one in forever and it was just what I wanted: no sex or violence, just clean and sincere in a gorgeous setting. You only have one life to live so what are you waiting for?



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