Appenzell: Cheese and Architecture

Appenzell: Cheese and Architecture

We went to the cheese factory in Appenzell, had a very cheesy dinner, walked the town enjoying the flowers and bright architecture, and loved the green surrounding hills.

We are here mostly poised to head to a mountain highlight of the trip tomorrow!

See my photos below of a charming town, whose men still vote in the town square by thrusting their swords in the air! The healthy cows from these hills spend their summers in mountain pastures, going and coming with a parade of great fanfare and many cow bells.

Typical view from the train.


Toured the Appenzeller cheese factory.






The aging cheese regularly gets flipped by machine.



We got cheese samples and all liked the heartiest, most aged one the best.


Mass transit connections are amazingly precise and clean even away from the big cities. What looked on paper to be difficult transitions are effortless.


This is where we stayed.


All four of us to a room is working out fine and making this trip more affordable.


We were fascinated with working shutters everywhere.


Houses are highly decorated on the outside, but very simple and streamlined on the inside.



Beautiful green hills surround the town.


Scalloped siding is common.


There are a few older unpainted structures.



Loved these bowls in a shop window.





“cheese salad”


Mac and cheese with onions and applesauce (traditional dish).


We shared flan… and…


chocolate gelato


Huge piles of firewood everywhere.









In the breakfast room of the B&B the next morning when we leave. Doors and hardware are very ornate.
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  1. John+gregory 11 months ago

    Four in a room? Hum….I am spoiled.

  2. Liz 11 months ago

    Gorgeous photos, Polly. Thank you! I loved the architecture and painted buildings as well. The cheese macaroni, onions and applesauce is something I grew up with, as I’m sure many have even in the US. There is something about Mac & Cheese and applesauce! Did you ever have the cheese fondue?

    • Author
      Polly Castor 11 months ago

      Nope. I was with some that aren’t fans of melted cheese if you can imagine that! Mac & cheese is as close as I got!

  3. Diane W 11 months ago

    VERY interesting Polly!

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