Cliff-hugging Aescher on Ebenalp

Cliff-hugging Aescher on Ebenalp

Visiting Aescher on Ebenalp

This whole trip happened because I’ve wanted to go to the alps since I was seven and read Heidi while on vacation in the Rockies. Visiting this cliff-hugging guest house has been a specific dream of mine for about twenty years. This particular travel day was the joyous fruition of these hopes and dreams. I’m so grateful to have gotten to go and stay in this remarkable place, with the symphony of cow bells rippling through every second of it.

First we took a gondola up and then there was a hike to the guest house, which even went through a cave. A long succession of hermits had lived there before the guest house was built in the 1800’s. We were fortunate to get one of the few rooms available, booking long in advance.

There are apparently several guesthouses in these mountains linked by backpacking trails, and we’d love to return to do that with more appropriate luggage. This was one of many moments we were glad we packed as light as we did. However, upon reflection, I would have rather left our bags in Appenzell, and only hiked in and stayed overnight with a tiny day pack.

The place was wonderful. After settling in and dumping our luggage, we hiked on beyond, as far as the weather cooperated, because we got drenched in a short thunderstorm. This did not dampen our spirits, since the weather switched in the other direction, and I had a lovely afternoon to bask in and paint the vista. Many of the photos below are references for future paintings, I am sure.

We returned for dinner (their cheese pie was exceptional) and played a raucous game of Crowns on the cliff side terrace with an Anglican priest and her friend (a second grade teacher) from Canada, who we had met on the trail. The next morning, we hiked out and took the gondola down, sad to leave, but full to the brim. I cherished every minute of this experience, and keep circling back to how grateful I am for this precious time and place.

Where the gondola to Ebenalp left from.





We’re here!


Four of us to a room again, and fortunate to have it.




























Loved trying to paint the view…





Dinner on the terrace.


Their cheese pie was very good!


Chickens wander around on the terrace.


Dessert we shared.





View from our room.


Toilet right up next to the cliff.






Anglican priest from Canada we befriended on the trail and played cards with after dinner (she won).


This breakfast came with our room.



Sad to go back down the gondola.


View from the gondola.


The next morning on the train, we ran into the Canadians again.
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  1. John+gregory 11 months ago

    Life is a banquet, and most poor b—-s are starving to death….Patrick Dennis.

    You are not❤️

  2. Sue 11 months ago

    All I can say is…..W – O – W ! And Thank You, God, for taking me (‘n hubby) to Switzerland, years ago! Otherwise I’d surrrre have to do even MORE prayerful work on the subject of FOMO!
    (“Fear Of Missing Out!”). I am striving to realize, ever more clearly, that we are alll complete ideas of the One Mind, having allll good. Your wonderful trip is clearly your way of responding to this spiritual Fact, and I Salute you all!! Thank you so much for sharing these simply stunning photographs of what is, to me, the Most Wonderous area on this planet!! Wowza! Happy, happy for you, and for a sweet beautiful-family vacation!!!

  3. Meg+Hanson 11 months ago


  4. Diane W 11 months ago

    Amazing photos you lot! WOW! It looks like heaven there… so spectacular…massive mountains… I’ve just realised I don’t think we have mountains in Australia! HA ! NOT LIKE THESE ANYWAY!

  5. Susana Brown 11 months ago

    I love seeing your great photos and I’m so glad your dream destination came true!

  6. Bob Altman 11 months ago

    Stunning, magical, awesome. And breakfast looks beyond words:)

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