Cloud Formation Reference Photos

Cloud Formation Reference Photos


I’ve been studying clouds lately with the intent of painting them. Some of these photos are just snapshots from my iPhone to catch the design of the sky scape, so excuse the wires and foregrounds, but I thought the cloud formations were all worthy to remember and refer back to. After a few weeks of thunderstorms, I’m ready for some clear skies, but these clouds have been a magnificent unfolding drama to watch.

IMG_6100    IMG_6203  IMG_5856  IMG_6871  IMG_5793  IMG_7017  IMG_6014  IMG_6018  IMG_5726  IMG_7026  IMG_5017  IMG_6020  IMG_5428  IMG_7036  IMG_6021  IMG_5293

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  1. Liz 8 years ago

    These are so great! Thank you! The clouds have been amazing here in MO too. Not much rain, it’s all up in those beautiful clouds!

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