Art Show: Duncan Martin’s 58 in 58

Art Show: Duncan Martin’s 58 in 58

Duncan Martin

I had Duncan Martin as a painting teacher at Creative Arts Camp in 2010, and then stayed unexpectedly with his mother in 2013 in Maine. All last spring I was wishing I could see the show at Principia College in Illinois where he is a professor of art, since the topic was right up my alley. He painted 58 paintings in 58 months in 58 National Parks. Doesn’t that sound like wonderful fun? I was so sad not to get to see what he painted, and then our recent surprise trip to Maine coincided with this article I saw that said his show would be mounted in Acadia in celebration of the park’s 100th Anniversary. Yay! I got to see these works, and I was so delighted.

Duncan painted most of these small in plein air, but some he did larger back in the studio. I’ve been many of these places, and know exactly where he was. I love his expressive brushwork, don’t you?

IMG_5928  IMG_5923  IMG_5925  IMG_5926  IMG_5927  IMG_5914  IMG_5902  IMG_5903  IMG_5894  IMG_5895  IMG_5893  IMG_5901  IMG_5911  IMG_5910 (1)  IMG_5900  IMG_5909  IMG_5898  IMG_5907  IMG_5897  IMG_5906  IMG_5896  IMG_5899  IMG_5890  IMG_5891  IMG_5932

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