Canoeing with Nancy

Canoeing with Nancy

Canoeing in Connecticut

I was delighted to get to go canoeing with blog reader Nancy near her home in southwestern Connecticut on Friday. The late September vivid greens were just starting to give way to burnished fall colors. I loved the company, the meandering pace, the reflections, the swirls of plant life under the water, even the fascinating texture of the algae. And check out in the last photo the surrealistic effect my camera did, trying to capture a canoe in motion!  Exceptional beauty is around us everyday.

IMG_1025  IMG_1049      IMG_1027  IMG_1055   IMG_1043  IMG_1058    IMG_1026 (1) IMG_1046  IMG_1032  IMG_1034  IMG_1048   IMG_1064

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  1. Patricia Campbell 9 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful!

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