A Wonderful Day of Art, Theater, Flowers, and Serendipity in NYC (Photos)

A Wonderful Day of Art, Theater, Flowers, and Serendipity in NYC (Photos)

Wonderful day of art and theater in NYC

I’ve wanted to see Come From Away on Broadway since our youngest daughter and I visited Newfoundland in 2019, so when a favorite artist had a show ending on April 30 that I really wanted to see, it seemed to time to jump into the city to do both.

We had a great day. I will post about the fabulous art show tomorrow; in this post are the rest of my photos of our delightful outing.

We were treated to a God-given, free parking place, that was just jaw-dropping in its majestic serendipity. Flowers were everywhere. We had simple meals like native New Yorkers, including Greek falafel, and walked about 80 blocks by the time the day was done.

As usual, I loved the compositional fodder of all the reflections in the buildings. We even saw a mother duck with her chicks (last photo) and met up with a wonderful new blog reader (more serendipity).

So grateful for this fun date with my sweetie, and also, frankly, to be back home again–such a contrast only 1.5 hours away– to where the earth is more untrammeled, and the sun is easier to find.































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  1. John+Gregory 2 years ago

    Enjoyed “Come From Away”. Intelligent and entertaining and inspiring.

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