Deeps of Peace Show by Brian Rutenburg in NYC (Photos)

Deeps of Peace Show by Brian Rutenburg in NYC (Photos)

Deeps of Peace Show by Brian Rutenberg

This is the show we went to NYC to see. I’ve been a fan of Brian Rutenberg’s for a long time. He was a featured artist on this blog in 2014. Last year his memoir, Clear Seeing Space, was my favorite read of the year (see my review here). You can also watch him on his YouTube channel, which he’s been doing monthly since 2010.  Or you can follow him on instagram.

This show was at The Forum Gallery on Park Avenue at 58th Street, and was there through April 30. Below you can see my favorites works from the show, and below that there are many close up details. His use of thin paint for the distance and exceptionally thick paint for the foreground was fascinating. I love his colorist bent, and the vigor of his application. Plus, he’s just a terrific guy.

The largest paintings went for $40,000, and the smallest (in the back hall) were $9,000. At the time of our visit he had sold $150,000 worth, but my favorite (above) was still available.

It is great to witness a contemporary artist at the top of his prowess. He’s young yet, only in his fifties, so we can expect much more of his strong voice in the abstract landscape genre. I love it, and was thrilled to see his work in person.



























































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  1. Joyce Alluan Ades 2 years ago

    Just splendid! You captured the essence of this awesome exhibit!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 2 years ago

      It was great meeting you there!

  2. Joyce Alluan Ades 2 years ago

    As I said before : a felicitous encounter!

  3. John+gregory 2 years ago

    Where did he get this manifesto for life? I woukd live to know his story. I have read your review…is there more to the book? I want to read it now.

    The paintings are so moving….

    • Author
      Polly Castor 2 years ago

      I encourage you to read it. I think you’d love it. He’s wonderful. Check out his YouTube channel too.

  4. Tara Will 2 years ago

    Polly! This is so great thank you for sharing. I too am a big fan of those luscious vibrant colors ❤️ I always enjoy your take on things!

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