Stuck in the Valley of Indecision (New Conceptual Painting in Pastel)

Stuck in the Valley of Indecision (New Conceptual Painting in Pastel)
Stuck in the Valley of Indecision, conceptual painting by polly Castor Stuck in the Valley of Indecision (pastel) by Polly Castor

Are you so indecisive that you are taking up residence in the valley of indecision?

This painting is a cautionary tale.

It came about because I was surrounded by several people in my work unable to make crucial choices. I myself to a lesser degree, was bellyflopping between two approaches to my art website, which I’m in the process of redesigning, unable to find a solution that satisfied both sets of criteria I had.

I woke up yesterday with all this flurrying around in my thinking, and then I had the idea for this painting. After I painted it in absorbed concentration, I heard from the work folks that they had found resolution, and an unexpected expert surfaced in my life that effortlessly answered my website conundrum.

That is a story of making conceptual work; it is part therapy, and part problem solving, on many levels. This is why I am so impelled to do it. Painting this cleared the way to all of us no longer feeling stuck.

This highly textural pastel painting is 12″x12.” You can see the entire work above and close up details of it below.

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If you’ve got something to work out, I recommend painting your way past the impasse.




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  1. John+gregory 12 months ago

    I need to pick up the brushes but find myself frozen in fear.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 12 months ago

      Do it and it will help!!

  2. Sue+Krevitt 12 months ago

    John: False ego whispers that your work will not be very good, thus not worth your time or another’s eyes. All artists have been here. Defy this!! Declare your Rights to paint… and to let what appears be… fine! Like playing scales on a piano… not meant for Publication… just scales… for learning! ;-))

    Besides, it’s lotsa fun!! I use art for meditation-time, too.

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