Water at Camp: Photos of Long Lake

Water at Camp: Photos of Long Lake

close up water photos

Here are many (fair-weather) versions of Long Lake photographed at close range. I love the many faces of the water at Creative Arts Camp: ever-changing but always lovely!

IMG_8079  IMG_9128  IMG_9021  IMG_9162  IMG_8078  IMG_9133  IMG_9502  IMG_9143  IMG_8080  IMG_9068  IMG_9427  IMG_9170  IMG_9539  IMG_9245  IMG_9144  IMG_9437  IMG_9291  IMG_8082  IMG_9312  IMG_9625  IMG_8084  IMG_9076  IMG_9148  IMG_9178  IMG_9216  IMG_9351  IMG_9606  IMG_8086  IMG_9123  IMG_9156  IMG_9304  IMG_9345    IMG_8095  IMG_9160  IMG_9227  IMG_9118

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  1. Janell Fiarman 6 years ago

    Polly, I was startled to read this just after looking at your pictures of the water. It’s from Nabokov’s “speak memory”. He writes: “The undulating plump shadows of alder foliage on the water — apotheosized inkblots oversized amoebas — were rhythmically palpitating, extending and drawing in dark pseudopods which, when contracted, would break at their rounded margins into elusive and fluid macules, and these would come together again to reshape the groping terminals.”

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