June Flowers (Photos 2023)

June Flowers (Photos 2023)

June Flowers 2023

Some of these are in our yard, some in Maine. Oh the variety, the color, the shapes, and the close-up glory! It has been a wet month, but the flowers are thriving in it! Peonies, iris, lilies, roses, rhododendrons, clematis, mountain laurel, kalalilies, pansies, allium, lemon blossoms, delphinium, lupine, sunflowers, mock orange, snapdragons, poppies… I love it all!

These are beautiful in their own right, and are great reference fodder for abstract work, let alone beautiful tokens of the infinite Creator’s expressed joy.











































































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  1. Emily Kendrick 10 months ago

    Absolutely exquisite photos!
    Wow. What joy to see.
    Thank you for sharing…

  2. Dilys 10 months ago

    What an abundance of “floral hieroglyphs”! Truly beautiful- thanks for sharing. X

  3. Meg+Hanson 10 months ago

    Nature is amazing! Love all the colors and designs.

  4. Sue Krevitt 10 months ago

    “Earth laughs in flowers!”*

    The woes of “this world” pale, even dissolve!, in the face of such
    outpourings of the One Creative Spirit!

    What will it take to let go of unbalanced news reports…to soak in
    Love’s outpourings of glory, especially seen in Her floral apostles?!??!?!

    And Polly-Flower! James-Flower! Wow!!

    Sigh. Divine Love gets to me sometimes! OK, a lot of the time.
    Now, to put the durn paper down, turn off the news,
    soak in Love’s alllllnesss!

    Why … not?

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