Advent of Waiting (poem by Polly Castor)

Advent of Waiting (poem by Polly Castor)
Advent of waiting, poem by Polly Castor

An Advent Tree Motif (acrylic by Polly Castor

Advent of Waiting

Sometimes waiting
fizzes and percolates
with excitement and anticipation.
We feel God at work in our lives,
knowing transformation
is inevitably coming,
and sense there is something
amazing to be revealed,
just around the corner.
We wait with tremendous
hope and expectation,
like a wide-eyed kid wondering
if someone will guess the surprise.

But waiting can be agonizing too.
Maybe we are doubtful,
or feel disconnected, blasé,
uninspired, lonely, or burdened.
Maybe we are awaiting relief
from sickness or grief,
from awful transgression or fear.
Maybe we’re lost in a wilderness
and too exhausted to stumble out.
Maybe we’re waiting for better
relationships or jobs,
for prodigal sons
to return home,
for a pandemic to pass,
for postponed promises
to be fulfilled.
We certainly can get restless
waiting for that baby Jesus
to bring renewed
joy to the world.

However, we can
prepare our hearts
while we wait,
reminding ourselves
that with absolute certainty
light annihilates the darkness,
love conquers hate,
and Truth routinely
vanquishes error.
We can learn to wait well
by being patient and kind,
cleaned-up and well-stocked,
willing and receptive,
generous and gracious
and by undergoing
whatever transpires
with faithfulness intact.

Meanwhile, the wait
can feel interminable,
almost unbearable,
when like this year,
it is so excruciatingly raw.
But take heart,
the darkest night
is before the dawn.
Don’t give up waiting now;
we are so close.
Soon a weary world
will rejoice.
There will be
a cease fire and singing,
twinkle lights and feasting.
Pour in courage
for this home stretch
and don’t allow the wait
to be hollow or empty.
Fill it with expectancy
spurring you forward
toward the best gift
and brightest hope ever.
The light of the world is coming,
which cannot possibly let you down.

by Polly Castor

Advent of waiting poem

Season of Waiting (pastel) by Polly Castor

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  1. Mary Beth Williams 3 years ago

    Precious Polly, this couldn’t possibly be more perfect, – so reassuring, and so fully expresses in every way what we all are praying for. Thank you my friend for you’re a beautiful heart and generous giving of it!!

  2. Heidi 3 years ago

    Love the poem so so much and the first painting with the trees is INCREDIBLE!! how do I get a print of it to hang in our house at Christmastime?? (Like how Becky does with your mom’s poinsettias) 🥰

  3. Susan Krevitt 3 years ago

    Poets are essential folks, indeed…
    Putting our lives in certain order,
    to wrap our thoughts around it all…
    Neatly, manageably.

    Thank you!

  4. Shirley Paulson 3 years ago

    So beautiful, Polly. Thank you for spelling out – through such artful means – the beauty of patience.

  5. Nicola Hatch 5 months ago

    Just found your beautiful, thought provoking Advent poem online. I hope you won’t mind if I use it for our Life Group as we ponder Advent. It expresses everything we need to understand, release and grow towards. Thank you

    • Author
      Polly Castor 5 months ago

      Enjoy it with attribution! I’m glad it is useful.


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