Recent Pages in my Bible Lesson Journal

Recent Pages in my Bible Lesson Journal

Bible Lesson Study Journal pages

I post these because I hear back that you like to see these pages, which I make purely for my own edification.

Regular study of the Bible Lesson is one of the most formative things I do.  I encourage you to do your own study, and take your own notes.  If you’d like to ponder the same Bible Lessons I do, you can obtain it here.

This content can be challenging at times, since the concepts are so large and non-material, but when you deeply think about what it contains, it packs a huge a blessing beyond what you can even begin to imagine.

You can see I’m still enjoying my new pens; they are one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. These are the last pages in my lovely, orange, master-size, Luechturm1917 journal, and unfortunately, this luscious color I’ve been using is “unavailable.” The next one I will fill with this study ins this new “anthracite” one, which at 123 pages, will take me 2.5 years to fill, at the rate of a page per week. I hope I like it as well– it is still the perfect size and paper quality– but you can’t beat orange, alas.

Anyway, check out my Bible study notes below from the last couple months.  These are the ideas that struck me as needing to be contemplated more.  Maybe you’ll find something here you need to ponder too.

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  1. Brian G 1 year ago

    Once I was in the Garden
    Reading poems penned on leaves.
    Marvelling at how God knows our thought
    Long before She saw fit to publish these.

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