Inseparability as a Quality of Spirit

Inseparability as a Quality of Spirit

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For my next quality of Spirit to focus on in this monthly series, inseparability seemed like a good idea to ponder. As a newly “empty-nester” all my fledglings have flown, but a sense of togetherness still remains. This is curious. Even though material sense says we have parted, why do I still feel so close and not at all bereft?

It is because I know they are continuing on with God as I am, and always will be. There is no here or there with God who is ever-presence, and infinite, all-inclusive Love. We are all balled up in that divine Love; God’s allness includes all of us. Each of us individually is one with God, but collectively we are as well. Just like the reflection is never separated from what it is imaging forth, we must be inseparable from God since we are the outcome or emanation of God. And since that is true for all of us, we can really be apart.

So we are never actually alone, but always fulfilled, reconciled, utilized, supported, guided, and safe in a continuity of good that spans beyond space and time and any limitation. I have been rejoicing in these facts this month.


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  1. Maggie Thomas 8 years ago

    Polly, this is very helpful. I have found the same thing with my children, two of whom live on the other side of the planet. Daily prayer for them reminds me of inseparability. I have also been thinking if we are inseparable from God, and He is inseparable from the wisdom he bestows, we have immediate, complete access to that divine, kind, wisdom. I happened to be thinking how I am inseparable from God yesterday on the train and I was much kinder to the lady who sat beside me, also, the subway conductor was joyful, thanking everyone for using the “T” and reminding us to stay positive, then I saw a fountain blowing in the wind with a rainbow showing in the spray. I think it was all from knowing I’m not separated!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 8 years ago


  2. Deborah 8 years ago

    And a powerful thought to hold to as we hear the news from Paris. Because nothing can separate the reflection from its original, evil will be seen as nothing and as powerless ….supposititious opposite of the highest right, good, Life. It will have nowhere to go, nothing to be, useless.

  3. Deborah 8 years ago

    adjective sup·pos·i·ti·tious \sə-ˌpä-zə-ˈti-shəs\
    Definition of SUPPOSITITIOUS
    a : fraudulently substituted : spurious
    b of a child (1) : falsely presented as a genuine heir (2) : illegitimate
    [influenced in meaning by supposition]
    a : imaginary
    b : of the nature of or based on a supposition : hypothetical
    — sup·pos·i·ti·tious·ly adverb

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