Photos from Our Schoodic Peninsula Bike Ride

Photos from Our Schoodic Peninsula Bike Ride

Schoodic peninsula rocks and surf

The Schoodic Peninsula bike ride on the northern (more remote) part of Acadia National Park is one of my favorites. And it just got better! It used to be hard to park there, and after riding around the spectacular coastline– which is one way only– you used to have to come back along a busy two lane highway, which kind of spoiled the refreshment received earlier in the trip. Now for the park’s centennial they have built a big parking lot, have shuttle buses for those who don’t want to ride, built a new ranger visitor center, and most importantly, they have created a new bike trail back up and over through the woods so you don’t have to deal with the highway. It is so nice to easily get back to your car! The bike ride is only 8 miles round trip, but we make a day of it, playing as we go. I showed us playing with rocks there in this previous blog, and now in this post you can see the rest of my photos from that day of Schoodic rocks and surf. 

IMG_5669  IMG_6068  IMG_6033    IMG_6055  IMG_5777  IMG_6143  IMG_5946  IMG_5885  IMG_5884  IMG_5881 IMG_5957  IMG_5679  IMG_6001  IMG_5961  IMG_6006  IMG_5968  IMG_6018  IMG_6081  IMG_6099  IMG_6033  IMG_5996

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