Sunrise Beach Walks

Sunrise Beach Walks

sunrise beach photos

Every morning we were on Sanibel Island, our daughter and I took a beach walk at sunrise. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Every time it was breathtakingly beautiful, as you can see in these photos. And every morning, I chatted pleasantly with the lady with the dog in the third photo down–a stranger to me who, in passing, was partaking in the same joy in the amazing light as I was. I would have been happy to know her better.

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  1. Dave Horn 8 years ago

    You were blest with beautiful weather, and a soul rich enough to appreciate and share it. Thanks.

  2. Mary Jo Beebe 8 years ago

    Every day I am graced with your blogs, Polly. These sunrise photos are so lovely! Thank you!

  3. Lolly 8 years ago

    Polly… Thanks so much for each of these postings from Sanibel! They are a beautiful, soul-filled tribute to a place we love, and enjoyed sharing with you, James & Laura. We have more company now, and have returned to some of the same places. Great fun to see some of Brad’s paintings on your blog!

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