Blessing Those You Don’t Know

Blessing Those You Don’t Know

It all started with the decorative tiles around the fireplace in the airBnB we stayed in recently during our daughter’s graduation. As I pondered it (shown above), I could see the careful arrangement of patterns, and feel the consideration about what way would be best to install them. I started thinking about this unknown person, putting myself in their shoes with this task, not in a judging way, but more in a compassionate way. I started to bless them wherever they were now.

Our lives are touched by so many other people that we’ll never know. They might be the behind-the-scenes one to make our dessert in a restaurant. They might be the ones that designed my gas tank on this side of my car instead of the other. They might be person driving the street sweeper, cement mixer, or snow plow, or the one mowing the neighbor’s yard too early in the morning. The list becomes endless, once you start paying attention, and gratitude is a natural follow up.

Is there an ambulance going by? It might be good to bless the people inside, and know they have everything they need. Be grateful help is right there with them. What about the pilot of your plane? Or the teacher of your grandchildren? Maybe bless your legislators, all the laundromat owners, everyone who works in the factory that made your socks?

Bless who it was in Argentina who grew this pear I’m eating, bless the ones who paved the road, bless the ones who work to give you potable water, the one who planted those flowers, or the driver that just merged into your lane. Bless the author of the book you are reading, the creator and engineer of the app you are using, and composer of the song you are listening to.

You can see that the list is endless, and it gets quite fun. Some of my blessings are general appreciation and acknowledgement, but other times, I really get into it deeper. Doing so is a wonderful way to engage in your world, feel connected with it, and take nothing for granted. Give it a try!


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