I’m in this Juried International IAPS Webshow

I’m in this Juried International IAPS Webshow
IAPS Webshow 2022 Safety Net (pastel) by Polly Castor

I’m honored, delighted, and grateful to have been juried into the elite 2022 IAPS Webshow.

IAPS stands for the International Association of Pastel Societies, and I got in their prestigious brick and mortar show last June. I’ve applied for years and years to both of these shows, and finally this year got in both.

There is an “Open Division” that I’m in, and a “Master’s Circle Division” for those that have been accepted five times to the Open Division. That puts me 2/5 the way to being an official “Master Pastellist,” which is awesome.

In this post you can see my painting that got in above, titled Safety Net. Below you can see some favorites of mine in the Open Division. Click here to see the great company I am in in the Open Division.

Also, click here to check out the Master’s Circle Paintings.

So grateful to be getting my paintings to a wider audience and for having their quality appreciated in an international context.

Betty Efferson


Katie Hallahan


LaDonna Kruger


Dawn Limbert


Kelly Milukas


Sergey Pietila


Letitia Roller


Judy Tate


Changxin Wu


Bithia Bjurman


Deborah Breedon


Lisa Cunningham


David Decobert


Kathryn Detzer


Veronique du Boisrouvray


Fred Fielding


Suzanne Godbout


Irina Gromova


Le Mouel Le Mouel


Jiliang Liao


Diana Rogers


Gail Sibley


Mary Smith


Doreen St. John


Shirley Anderson
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  1. Laura Beckering 2 years ago

    Congratulations Polly!

  2. Joyce Alluan Ades 2 years ago

    Love love!

  3. Kay 2 years ago

    Congratulations, Polly and well deserved! Love that painting.

  4. Sherri Boyd 2 years ago

    Yes, congratulations Polly! Thank you for sharing the work of other artists also. All incredibly talented.

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