Life, Truth, and Love Always Work (Deep Think #21)

Life, Truth, and Love Always Work (Deep Think #21)

Those of you new to this blog from the art side of my life, may not know that my day job is that of a Christian Science Practitioner. People call me to help work out their problems, support them through crisis, and pray with them through difficulties. I help people find spiritual answers, which is as natural as breathing for me as an abstractionist.

Christian Science is often misunderstood, since we have a habit of turning to God first, and the medical last, which is the opposite of what most people do. But you might be surprised at how much can be sorted out more quickly in this fashion. The bottom line, which makes all the difference, is what it is you understand as God.

If God to you is afar off, judgmental, and punishing, well that’s not a great place to turn for help. Christian Science, on the other hand, defines God as Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Principle. Those things are actually ultimate and reliable, steadfast and omnipotent. They never fail. They encapsulate the law of the universe, upon which everything hangs. Appeal to that, and your remedy is at hand, ever-present and always successful.

Recently I’ve had a client call for help that was a devoted Christian Scientist. (It is helpful here to note that most of my clients are actually not Christian Scientists; I work with anyone, and am paid by the client and not by the church.) Anyway, this individual was steeped in the culture and institution of Christian Science. When it came to the physical ailment they were calling me about, they wanted to believe Christian Science could help, but honestly they were unsure if it would “work.” It seemed things hadn’t always been resolved for them through prayer in the past.

What cut through this malaise, was getting clear all over again about some definitions. Christian Science is the law of Truth, Life, and Love. That’s what we rely on. One key word there is law. It’s a law that light annihilates darkness. In the same way, Truth always trounces error, Love automatically overcomes hate, and pulsing, animate Life has more power than the cold flatline of death. That last one may be harder to see, but is just as true. Similarly, decline is not a law, while progress is. We can’t get around these laws. They always–by definition and design– “work.”

Here are two quotes I love by Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, that refute the ridiculous claims of decline that so many people fear (or mistakenly take for granted). One of them is, “Infinite progression is concrete being.” I love that we are always progressing and that progress is consistently in a good direction. We can depend upon progress and it is our continual birthright. However, it is something that requires embracing on our part, as I try to model on this blog.

The other quote is, “God expresses in [you/me/us] the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.” You can never be separated from the rule of law. Progress in a good direction, or the ever attentive operative Principle that made you and cares for you, are always there for you.

So if you are unsure if what you are leaning on will “work,” it is a human system, and yes, they do fail. If you think of Christian Science, as a human institution, a church organization, a denominational culture, then yes, these can fail you. They are not divine. They are fluctuating, and are not law. Please don’t hang your hopes on that. If you are concerned Christian Science does not always “work,” you are identifying it in a human way, not as unshakable law. Please don’t count on that.

But you very much CAN rely on the omnipotence of Truth to set you straight, divine Love to remove your fears, and Life to be there functioning perfectly for you always. Abstract concepts go no higher, stronger, or broader than this. Truth, Life, and Love, will never let you down, whatever may come. They are always there for you to appeal to, rest in, and be assured by. They are a constant for you to turn to in need, and they will never withhold their amazing power and absolute necessity to rectify, remediate, ameliorate, heal, and save.

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  1. John+gregory 1 year ago

    Thank you for this. Read it. Gave me hope. Going through an “unsure” time with medications. Do not trust them but also lack trust in my own mind. Thank you for these words of strength, hope, and faith.


  2. Kate+Gibson+Oswald 1 year ago

    Dear Polly, This is such a beautiful and loving blog and feels much like your amazing dynamic spiritual art. Principle, divine Love knows no bounds and you are proving and sharing this truth in a precious, creative, encouraging and heartfelt way. Thank you dear friend. You inspire me to come and take a class in pastel and prayer together!!!

  3. Sue Krevitt 1 year ago

    Thank you, Polly, for this encouraging reminder of what we all will eventually learn is
    the absolute truth of being. I embrace this powerful teaching and have relied on it to lift me out of many problems of “this life” for many years. It is not the Easy Way Out of mortality’s myriad beliefs, but it is the supreme and final Science, “as demonstrable as mathematics,” as Mary Baker Eddy says in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. We can learn this Science…the time has come! The other day I saw on the shelf at CVS, our local California drugstore, a copy of this book. I was surprised, but not too much, as humanity is becoming ever more ready to look to something beyond matter and its disappointing limitations. Humanity is tired of the husks of “Big Pharma’s” promises for relief and solutions…ready for the Real Truth. I am grateful and humbled to even catch a small glimpse of this mighty Science. Thank you, once again, Polly, for your work in encouraging your blog followers in this direction. And, btw, John Gregory: your human-mind cannot do it…It takes divine Mind, the one and true and real Mind of us all!

  4. Dilys 1 year ago

    Thank you, Polly, for explaining this wonderful teaching to all our fellow bloggers! I’m sure you will inspire many to look into the divine Principle of Life Truth and Love which was the basis for all Jesus’s healing work. Xx

  5. Joy 1 year ago

    Life, Truth, Love = God. Life, Truth, Love = Beauty = God! But I have to go deeper, pondering what these 3 words really mean! I need the grace of discernment!

  6. Susan 1 year ago

    This was just great for me and obviously others❣️
    Thank you so much Polly.

  7. Alyce Dana 1 year ago

    Outstanding message! And a sure “wake-up” call for me regarding mortal decline. I’m off on a refreshing direction. Thanks, Polly🥰

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