Photographs from the New York Botanical Garden Greenhouse

Photographs from the New York Botanical Garden Greenhouse

Photographs from the New York Botanical Garden Greenhouse

Two weeks ago, while our youngest daughter was on spring break from college, we visited the New York Botanical Gardens for their esteemed Orchid Show. It was marvelous, and you can see my blog about that with tons of orchid photos here.

I now have finally edited my non-orchid photos from that day, and you can see them in this post. I look for shapes, compositions, textures, contrasts, and abstract designs in these leaves and blooms, flowers, stalks, and water. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do!

IMG_6660  IMG_6142  IMG_6144  IMG_6132  IMG_6505  IMG_6519  IMG_6498  IMG_6157  IMG_6267
IMG_6158  IMG_6614 IMG_6360 (1)  IMG_6165 IMG_6214

IMG_6303  IMG_6149  IMG_6419  IMG_6417  IMG_6244  IMG_6436  IMG_6421  IMG_6134  IMG_6425  IMG_6224  IMG_6130  IMG_6312  IMG_6262
IMG_6487  IMG_6610 (1)  IMG_6160  IMG_6245  IMG_6391  IMG_6471  IMG_6450  IMG_6495  IMG_6159  IMG_6479  IMG_6310  IMG_6268  IMG_6180  IMG_6181  IMG_6128  IMG_6494  IMG_6615  IMG_6472  IMG_6461  IMG_6369  IMG_6457  IMG_6438  IMG_6242  IMG_6420  IMG_6496  IMG_6635  IMG_6222  IMG_6460  IMG_6475

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