Historical Fiction for Kids about the 20th Century

Historical Fiction for Kids about the 20th Century

historical fiction for kids

This is a companion post to yesterday’s list of 20th century non-fiction for kids; here are historical fiction titles (in no particular order) of that period that go well along with those non-fiction ones. Some of these are picture books and others are chapter books in a range of difficulty. All would be great read alouds as well.

I have found that often historical fiction can be the best way to understand what historically happened, since by getting inside a character’s point of view, you will not only care more and have more empathy for what was being faced, but you will remember the factual information better as well. Mixing a range of ways of delivering content through both fiction and non-fiction as well as a range of reading level with some easy ones mixed in with more challenging ones makes the process both more fun and more educational.

Anyway, I recommend these 20th century historical fiction titles for homeschooling kids or for any young reader (or would-be reader) on your gift list.

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