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  • Hymn 258 Christian Science Hymnal

    Hymn 258

    By on November 13, 2016

    Oft to every man and nation Comes the moment to decide, In the strife of Truth with falsehood, For the good or...

  • why I don't drink alcohol

    Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol

    By on September 29, 2016

    Once you’ve experienced the clean living high of a well connected bliss, you will not trade it for anything....

  • Annual Meeting 2016

    Annual Meeting 2016

    By on June 6, 2016

    Here is some of the inspiration from Annual Meeting...

  • thoughts on body image

    Thoughts on Body Image

    By on May 21, 2016

    I am realizing that I am not a thin mortal or a fat mortal, because I am not a...

  • Quotes about the cross

    Quote About the Cross Jesus Bore

    By on March 25, 2016

    "The real cross, which Jesus bore up the hill of grief, was the world’s hatred of Truth and Love."

  • good is primal, evil suppositional

    Good is Primal, Evil Suppositional

    By on February 16, 2016

    Intelligent Mind could not eternally consist of such opposites as good and evil.

  • out of atheism into believing

    Today’s Newspaper Article: From Atheism to Believing in Divine Love

    By on February 6, 2016

    This newspaper article of mine (about moving from atheism to believing in divine Love) is in three Connecticut newspapers...

  • Christian Science discovered

    150 Years Ago Today

    By on February 4, 2016

    One hundred and fifty years ago today, Christian Science was discovered by Mary Baker Eddy.

  • broken arm healed through prayer

    Broken Arm and “Shattered” Elbow Healed

    By on January 21, 2016

    Truly we can never fall out of God's care. I am so thankful!

  • difference thought reality

    No Difference Between Thought and Reality

    By on January 20, 2016

    It appears that the nervous system can't tell the difference between a well-imagined thought and reality.

  • Lecture: Time is NOT a Factor

    By on January 16, 2016

    We videoed the lecture to share it more widely, so please feel free to pass this along!

  • being spiritually minded, loving spiritually, how to love spiritually, effective love

    Reaching through Divine Love

    By on November 1, 2015

    Now I am no longer feeling like being more spiritually minded projects death to the self. It is feeling...