Steps to Attain Answered Prayer

Steps to Attain Answered Prayer
Steps to attain answered prayer Detail from Breathe In (pastel) by Polly Castor

“Prayer is what makes the resources of God available. God offers us all with outstretched hands.

Steps for the attainment of answered prayer:

  1. A spiritual perception of divine resources.
  2. A mental laying hold of these resources by affirming their reality and our right to them.
  3. The continuance of this affirmation until our consciousness reaches the stage of clear spiritual realization, keeping before us the truth that the limitless treasures of God are present and available to us.”

We can find in God what will satisfy every aspiration, fulfill every ideal, supply every need.”

From a lecture by Reverend Arthur Vosburg, CSB in 1908

Note from me:

True prayer doesn’t seek to change God, inform God, or get God to do something for us. Prayer is about getting to know God, as well as recognizing and conforming to divine law. It is not a wish, or a hope, or a request for divine intervention. No pleading is necessary. Just be receptive to what is already there. The knowledge of God brings a peace that answers the yearnings of every human heart.  God is as close as our next breath, our very Life itself, and you can never be separated from that. As the Bible says, “Come boldly unto the throne of grace.” (Hebrews 4;16)  You are God’s best idea and will not be turned away. As the reflection, outcome, and creation of God, you include everything you need; just access it, realize it, cherish it, mobilize it, utilize it, demonstrate it.

Steps to attain answered prayer Detail from Breathe In (pastel) by Polly Castor
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  1. Diane W 1 year ago

    Funny how this very idea about not praying to God to fix something, fill a need, or make something happen is not the way to go…has been in about 4 things I have read today…I think I’m getting the hint!

  2. Dilys 1 year ago

    Thank you, Polly! Those ideas are so helpful x

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