• Poem: Easter Morning

    By on April 4, 2010

      Easter Morning Hungry bears awakening from hibernation Glorious spring blooms arousing from shriveled dormancy Beautiful butterflies emerging from...

  • My Good Friday Sermon

    By on April 2, 2010

    I am my church’s delegate to our town’s ecumenical Clergy Association. Among many other things this means I’m one...

  • A God I Can Believe In

    By on March 29, 2010

    I’m thinking of this because of talking with a teen recently who shuns believing in God. God simply doesn’t...

  • Motivation, Desire, and the Miracle of a Clean Refrigerator

    By on February 25, 2010

    National headline: Miracle: a Clean Refrigerator! You wonder, is “miracle” the right word to describe this? Well not for...

  • Lost and Found Testimony

    By on February 17, 2010

    I do a lot with the inter-library loan system both for myself and my homeschooling kids. It’s great! I...

  • Doodles (Mostly in Church)

    By on February 10, 2010

    As I’ve said before… doodling helps me concentrate. Here are my latest ones, mostly done in church…

  • Weight Loss Competition

    By on January 18, 2010

    Today I’m doing something I’ve never done before. Stephen R. Covey’s quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing and...

  • On the Sudden Passing of a Good Friend

    By on January 13, 2010

    My dear friend Jill unexpectedly passed on last night. She will be heartily missed. We knew each other primarily...

  • Today’s Newspaper Article by Me: Resolutions Can Be Exciting Rather Than Demoralizing

    By on January 2, 2010

    I am a regular writer for the Danbury News Times Forum on Faith Series. Here is today’s column:  

  • Goodbye VW (last decade); Hello SAAB (next decade)

    By on January 1, 2010

    A new decade seems like practically a whole new epoch. This is all symbolized for me right now by...

  • Best of 2009

    By on December 31, 2009

    This website and daily blog have been going for a year! Thank you so much for your continued readership....

  • New Poem by Me: Immaculate One

    By on December 25, 2009

    Immaculate One Self (innocent, perfect, pure) conscious (cognizant, alert, attentive, sentient) communion (trustingly at one) with God (inseparable omniscient...