Worry is Ingratitude in Advance (quote by Ginny Nilsen)

Worry is Ingratitude in Advance (quote by Ginny Nilsen)

Worry is Ingratitude in Advance (quote by Ginny Nilsen)

“Worry is something like ingratitude in advance, while gratitude is the only acceptable response to the overwhelming goodness of Life. Love knows no worries. Our role is not to figure out anything for ourselves. Our role is humble. We are, we have a life, a continuous life – pure and simple. God remembers, otherwise we would not be immortal. God loves, otherwise there would be no unflawed creation. God creates, otherwise there would be no activity of good. The infinite law of divine Love, the pristine consciousness of goodness, Mind, which outlines but is not outlined, is our center and circumference, our core and our context. We discover who we truly are, every day. How precious everyone is, how powerful kindness, how resilient meekness, how sweet patience. Is there anything we can do to improve perfection? Does worrying help? Are our shortcomings or great accomplishments of any meaning to Love?”

by Ginny Nilsen (fellow blog reader from a Facebook post)

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