On My Son’s Service Trip They Built a School

On My Son’s Service Trip They Built a School

 Service trip to Peru

As I discussed yesterday (see here), my son, along with 20 church teens, went on a service trip to Peru to build a school. They also spent time with the school kids while they were there. If you want to read the blog of their experience you can see it by clicking here.

They were clear this trip was not about themselves. It felt good to work hard as a gift to someone else. Even on return, when someone asks my son if he had a great time, he’ll reply, “Oh, it was never about me.”

In the shots below, taken by my son’s friends, you can see how they arrived to a field of mud bricks waiting for them. Then see them interacting with the school kids, followed by photos of them building the classroom. What an accomplishment for these kids and something none of them will ever forget! Every contribution, however small counts and adds up.

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