Prayer Nuggets #5

Prayer Nuggets #5
Prayer Nuggets #5

What it Takes to Grow (oil) by Polly Castor

I have been following my daily prayer time with choosing one thing I had pondered while praying, and then writing it down in a journal. The idea is then to stick to this idea, bringing it forward at the helm of thought into every aspect of that day.

This is a new series, so you might want to check out Prayer Nuggets #1 here,  Prayer Nuggets #2 here, Prayer Nuggets #3 here, and Prayer Nuggets #4 here. The references below with the abbreviation “SH” refer to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

  • Everyone reflects and glorifies God.
  • God has created each of us to see Himself/Herself.
  • I am God’s humble, willing, and obedient servant.
  • “…live under the constant pressure of the apostolic command to come out from the material world and be separate.” SH page 451
  • I am (he/she is) the very expression on God.
  • God is literally thinking us into being.
  • Magnify God.
  • Find something to be grateful for every instant.
  • Have dignity (i.e. be worthy of honor or respect)
  • Everything you look at, see it as the immediate object of God’s understanding.
  • “All phenomena of being exist at the standpoint of effect.” Edward Kimball
  • Are we actually recognizing God’s good everywhere we look?
  • Let the light of God stream from you out into the world.
  • Yay! The Kingdom of God is within both you and me!
  • We are like numbers and notes, each unique and essential; each of us is needed for all would collapse without each one of us.
  • Evil never had a chance.
  • Be clothed with majesty and strength.
  • I can always hear God’s voice.
  • “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the heathen. I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalms 46:10
  • Apprehend the divine nature and love God understandingly!
  • God, help me know you are supreme.
  • My origin is not in brute instinct; Spirit is my primitive and ultimate source of being. (see SH page 63)
  • Jesus is “the author and finisher of our faith” (see Hebrews 12:2) so I don’t have to be. Whew!
  • Enlarge my treasures of Truth and Love!
  • Consider spiritual causation more often.
  • Ponder the supremacy of Spirit.
  • Think about what it means that “God is no respecter of persons.” (Acts 10:34)
  • Place your hope beyond the veil of matter.
  • Do your faith, don’t just have it.
  • “Organization and time have nothing to do with Life.” (SH page 249) So what does?
  • Matter isn’t holding me up, God is.
  • Only good is going on, regardless of what the mirage is saying.
  • Listen in your prayers instead of talking.
  • No one can live without goodness; it is as important as air.
  • Gain the true conception of both yourself and of God.
  • Harmony is stronger than discord.
  • God’s government is healthy and life- affirming.
  • Spiritual law overcomes material conditions.
  • Expand your thought to include more good!
  • God guides, guards, and governs me/them.
  • God is the initiator, I initiate nothing.
  • I am/you are evidence that God exists.
  • There is only one source of supply: God.
  • God is all-knowing, all-acting, all-wise.
  • God is Love, and Love is what everything is actually about.
  • You are loved, loving and lovable!

In the comments share some of your recent prayer nuggets!

Prayer Nuggets #5

Psalm 91 (oil) by Polly Castor

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