The Housekeeper and the Professor (Book Review)

The Housekeeper and the Professor (Book Review)

The Housekeeper and the Professor book review

I loved this slim novel about the relationship between a single mother housekeeper and a math professor with memory problems. It is a simple story, written beautifully, about friendship, memory, math, family, and baseball, set in contemporary Japan. (The baseball feature surprised me, as I didn’t realize baseball or baseball cards were a Japanese thing.)

I loved the evocatively lyrical literary prose, the nameless characters so exquisitely drawn, and all the bits of math in conversation, which in some ways were the main story, straight from “God’s notebook.” The book also highlights the extraordinary abilities of those with disability when nurtured respectfully.

Originally published in Japanese in 2009, this title has been on my list for quite a while, and I’m glad to have finally read it. Thank you to the blog reader that mentioned The Housekeeper and the Professor to me. I found it original, elegant, and charming, and pass the recommendation on to you.  It reads like a timeless classic; I give this short, quiet read 5 stars.

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  1. Brian G 1 year ago

    Thanks Polly – I’m ordering that tonight. Boku wo shinjite.

  2. Brian G 1 year ago

    Came early. What a unique story of Love. A few sentences put lumps in my throat.

    Although not a major part of my culture, after reading this book, I felt encouraged to buy a small Kannon standing on a dragon, which to me adds the qualities of completion like courage and strength behind Her serene knowing face. Qualities I’ll think about when she catches my eye.


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