New Pond Farm Harvest Dinner 2018

New Pond Farm Harvest Dinner 2018

New Pond Farm Harvest Dinner 2018

The New Pond Farm Harvest Dinner was a wonderful success. I’m so proud of my husband who grew all the vegetables for this expensive fundraising dinner. His produce fed over 100 guests with over 200 pounds of vegetables under a flower filled tent last Saturday night. It was delicious and fun and all for a good cause.

It is important to both be active in one’s community and to support those things you believe in. This effort was about both. New Pond Farm, which is devoted to connecting people to the land, is something we both whole heartedly believe in. It is such a joy to support their wonderful mission, and if you would like to make a donation, you can do so here.

In the photos in this post, you can see our lovely evening in a terrific place, with great people, fantastic food, and glorious flowers. That was the best gazpacho I ever had; this basil garnished mixture was completely pureed, with bread soaked in white balsamic whipped up within, giving it body and subtlety.

Also note that the chef of the evening has a new cookbook, titled Breakfast, which looks yummy, and is worthy of a purchase. You can see it last below, or buy it here. The chef complimented my husband in front of the whole assembly, saying this was the most beautiful produce he ever had the privilege working with…

A great time was had by all!


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