Book Club (Movie Review)

Book Club (Movie Review)

Book Club (Movie Review)

I haven’t been to the movies much lately, so it was great to get out and see this light comedy about a book club that has gotten together every month for decades. It was fun to go to this with someone from my (very different) book club. We found this movie entertaining and I give it almost four stars.

While there was much alcohol consumed in this movie, and lots of sexual fixation and innuendo, there were some very funny lines that got me laughing, and it was a delight to see some favorite older actresses on the large screen once more. I particularly enjoyed seeing Candice Bergen again! Also the moral of keeping on living with curiosity and gusto, as years proceed to years, is a valuable one. I totally concur.

Our theater buzzed with strangers recommending books to each other, which was fun. After the film, everyone just stayed, chatting–mostly about books– which I thought was lovely to see, especially when news sources act like no one reads any more.

If you are looking for a diverting escape, you might find this film amusing, especially if you are a woman of a certain age.

Book Club (Movie Review)

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