Day 5: Hopewell Rocks (Sea Stack Photos)

Day 5: Hopewell Rocks (Sea Stack Photos)

Hopewell Rocks sea stack photos

We spent a cold, wet, happy day at Hopewell Rocks, which is New Brunswick’s most visited site. It is considered one of the “wonders of the world.” The day we visited it was on “Canada Day,” and Hopewell Rocks people were thrilled to be Google’s image of the day in honor of the national holiday.

In the photos, you can see we started at high tide, and watched it go out, and finally explored around when the tide was low. Something about it kept me thinking about what the early Native Americans thought of this spot. It seemed sacred to me.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest for photography (with my camera bulging under my raincoat), but soggy weather meant fewer people, which was fine with us too. Those muddy feet were not ours, but the kids were having a ball in knee deep mud…

Enjoy these photos, and I hope someday you’ll get to explore this special place too.



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  1. Dilys 5 years ago

    Interesting rock formations! Thanks for sharing!

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