Vermont Clouds and Sunset

Vermont Clouds and Sunset

Vermont Clouds and Sunset

It turns out last weekend in Vermont was a study in cloudscapes. Unexpectedly, it is what I took photos of at every turn. Here are some of them; the display was remarkable and ever-changing. I expect to use some of these as reference photos for paintings.

IMG_3482  IMG_3466  IMG_3477  IMG_3488
IMG_3715  IMG_3506  IMG_3712  IMG_3468  IMG_3483 (1)  IMG_3489  IMG_3711
IMG_3702  IMG_3504  IMG_3497  IMG_3494
IMG_3695  IMG_3491  IMG_3485  IMG_3689  IMG_3500
IMG_3510  IMG_3676  IMG_3479  IMG_3667  IMG_3495  IMG_3662  IMG_3511
IMG_3601  IMG_3658  IMG_3513  IMG_3501  IMG_3541  IMG_3521  IMG_3523  IMG_3499  IMG_3524  IMG_3527  IMG_3539  IMG_3542  IMG_3533
IMG_3537  IMG_3544

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  1. Kim 7 years ago

    Wow, really spectacular! Thanks for sharing these. And it was wonderful having you here. ❤️

    • Author
      Polly Castor 7 years ago

      Great to see you!

  2. Susan Clark 7 years ago

    All amazing, however I’d absolutely pay for the third pic posted. The layers of pure color and texture and perspective stopped my scrolling!!!


  1. […] was very cloudy, rainy, and cold during my visit to Vermont, and previously I posted the plethora of cloud pictures I took there. Here are my other photos from last weekend’s trip there for the painting workshop I blogged […]

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