New Poem: Give a Cup of Cold Water

New Poem: Give a Cup of Cold Water

metaphysical poetry, Christian poetry, poetry by Polly Castor

Give a Cup of Cold Water

“a cup of cold water
in Christ’s name”
is not hard
you know it will slake
every thirst
quench every need
satisfy, nourish, and redeem
every soul

through cascading inundating love
every drop is an ocean that buoys up life
a longed for oasis in every desert
a cleansing tide for every beach
a reward for every exertion
a refreshment for every meal
absorb it assimilate it take it in
swallow it and soak it up

it is powerful because it’s the Truth
the right idea of God is what matters
healing is only a “signs following”
but first you have to experience it
be grateful enough to share it
and then pour it out

so “drink in the river of Thy pleasures”
be “as a watered garden”
overflowing and growing so authentic
that every parched ground is gently baptized
by your inclusiveness, good faith, and caring

watch how they gulp it down,
guzzling it, slurping so greedily
that it drips from their chins
while some chug it
others daintily sip away at it
but none can forever resist it
for we are designed to desire it and to have it
and even are symbolically comprised of it

so hand it to them in a cup
specific for the receiver
exactly the way they require it
not a gushing splash
hard to imbibe
not a torrential flood of words
or indiscriminate spurting
but with a quiet simplicity that hydrates
the innermost individual craving

no strings attached
because the water any of us has
belongs to everyone collectively anyway
you can’t hoard it
for each deserves their share
that’s why it must perpetually flow
graciously between all of us.


by Polly Castor



Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy 436:11 and 570:16

Bible: Mark 16:20, Psalms 36:8, Jeremiah 31:12


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