Quotes About Gender (by Mary Baker Eddy)

Quotes About Gender (by Mary Baker Eddy)

Gender Quotes by Mary Baker Eddy

The first three quotes are from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, written in 1875. This book was named in a listing by the National Book Association of “75 Books by Women Whose Words Have Changed the World.” Indeed she was ahead of her time:

“Gender is mental, not material. . . Gender means simply kind or sort, and does not necessarily refer either to masculinity or femininity. The word is not confined to sexuality, and grammars always recognize a neuter gender, neither male nor female. . . The intelligent individual idea, be it male or female . . . unfolds the infinitude of Love.  (SH page 508)”

“Masculine, feminine, and neuter genders are human concepts. (SH page 516)”

“Union of the masculine and feminine qualities constitutes completeness. The masculine mind reaches a higher tone through certain elements of the feminine, while the feminine mind gains courage and strength through masculine qualities. These different elements conjoin naturally with each other, and their true harmony is in spiritual oneness. Both sexes should be loving, pure, tender, and strong. (SH page 57)”

This passage is from an MBE article “Prevention and Cure of Divorce” in the Boston Herald, 1905:

“Look high enough, and you see the heart of humanity warming and winning. Look long enough, and you see male and female one — sex or gender eliminated;” (My. page 268)

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