Dramatic October Clouds (Photos)

Dramatic October Clouds (Photos)

Dramatic October Clouds (Photos)

I think of October skies as typically deep cerulean blue, cloudless and pristine, air crisp and bright. Every year I look forward to that and the bright leaves contrasting against the intensely clear backdrop of vivid blue.

Well that didn’t happen this year. It was moist, variable, humid, rainy, and generally cloudy. But the cloudscapes were notable as you can see in this post. I snapped these photos this month, rejoicing in what we were having, instead of pinning after what we had hoped for. Good was still going on, beauty was still present, it was just different.

Check out our skyscapes in these snapshots, taken with my iPhone without filters or photoshop. Some were even taken through our car windshield. Yes, these skies were really this striking and dramatic. Non-stereotypical, but amazing.


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  1. Deborah 6 years ago

    Wow! Such incredible beauty. Thanks Polly. Xx

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