Welcome in the Christ (Deep Think #8)

Welcome in the Christ (Deep Think #8)

Welcome in the Christ

Every cause has an effect, and like produces like. Therefore, we can extrapolate that since God is the perfect cause, man is God’s perfect effect.

It sure doesn’t seem that way, because evil rears its ugly head somehow. God is good, and cannot create something unlike itself. So God did not cause evil, just like Truth does not produce error.

Since in logic, the premise follows through to the conclusion, that would mean that evil is actually a lie, a “self constituted falsity,” a causeless supposition, a whispered suggestion angling for acceptance, a dream from which we need to be awakened. This is why we need the Christ.

The Christ is a term I’ve taken a long time warming up to because it is often used in a muddled, confusing, or misleading way. So let us be very specific with this term. The Christ was Jesus’ true spiritual selfhood. Jesus revealed the Christ, the full divine idea of Love. Jesus was a person who trod the globe, the Christ is “without beginning of years or end of days.” Jesus exemplified the Christ better than anyone before or since, and that is why Jesus is our way-shower.

But the Christ embodies our own true spiritual selfhood as well. As Jesus was one with his Father, we are inseparable from God too. The Christ is like the glue, or the connection, between God and each one of us. We have all Godlike qualities and attributes inherent in us as well, although we may not have exercised them as much we can.

The Christ, presents God, Truth, divine Mind’s messages, to our human consciousness, in order to eradicate the lies and the misconceptions in our thinking, as well as to shed bright light on all our potential and possibilities. The Christ destroys any error in our thought much the way a true dollar bill exposes the falsity of a counterfeit one. The true dollar is not only worth something in itself, it is a standard against its unlikeness. It is exactly because the Christ is present in our thinking that we know to reject the false and embrace what is true.

When Jesus went to heal someone, he did not start with noticing some imperfect effect based on what his physical senses were telling him, and then try to reason back to a perfect cause. That doesn’t work, for if you start with a bad premise, it will automatically deliver you to an equally bad conclusion. So we should be careful not to start with what the physical senses are saying either.

Instead, Jesus started with his understanding of a perfect cause (God) and reasoned from there to a perfect effect– the individual in front of him– regardless of whether the appearance said that person was blind, halting, withered, or whatever. And wow, bam, this correct view of them, changed the material picture, erasing those problems pronto. Right where the counterfeit claimed to be the real bill, Jesus corrected the misconception by acknowledging what the true Christlike man was actually like, and then they were literally healed by that reckoning.

It seemed miraculous, but actually it was only natural. It was not an exception to law, but a demonstration of spiritual law. Jesus was not correcting an imperfect material man, but was correcting a lie about a perfect spiritual man.

We can eliminate erroneous concepts in our own thought by being receptive to the ever-present Christ too. We too can look to the radiant and forever Truth about God, the individual, and the situation, right where an imposition is suggesting itself. Let the Christ help you know yourself as the perfect, spiritual child of God, never susceptible to anything unlike the only all-good cause.

It is clear that nothing is real to us unless we are conscious of it, which is exactly why God equips us with the Christ, so we are conscious of the Truth. We must think as the divine Mind does, as God causes us to think. We must individually and collectively try not to act like we have little separate minds of our own. Every problem is nothing more than a false concept acting mesmerically in human consciousness. We can avoid problems by staying very closely aligned with the divine Mind, or God; the Christ is what helps us do that.

We must defend our consciousness, and not allow any type of discord any room in our thinking. This is tricky since problems can seem to arise unbidden, claiming unreservedly that they are not only real, but insistent, and even hurtful. They spring on us unawares. We must be alert to deny them entry. We must not allow error or evil any air, and certainly not give voice to it. We must resist whatever is unGodlike, and not allow it a foothold, as tenaciously as we would defend our beloved castle from a marauding army.

Regularly remind yourself that anything unGodlike is only a mesmeric dream from which we must be awakened. Then we must be roused by the Christ, and wake up to realize that it was never true to begin with. A change of consciousness is required to destroy nightmares, no matter how real they seem. Will taking action on something from within the dream actually change anything in the waking world?

We must be conscious of the Truth, God, through the presence of the Christ. Instead of trying to fix something by merely mucking about on the material level, let the Christ idea uplift your consciousness before any other step is taken.  Then you will be led to what to do humanly, like expressing and manifesting more of your Godlike qualities of love, compassion, courage, joy, or kindness. But often letting in the light of the Christ in your consciousness will clear the whole field, radically changing the outer picture completely for the better.

Remember the most important element of this discussion: there can be no healing without the presence of the Christ.

Any beneficial shift in consciousness is healing. In proportion as I improve my consciousness, I am blessed. It is the Christ that does this for you and me. The Christ demonstrates spiritual law, by bringing the one, all-powerful, divine Mind to bear unequivocally in our human consciousness.

So…welcome in the Christ!

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