Farmer’s Market Photos Part 1 Fall 2019

Farmer’s Market Photos Part 1 Fall 2019

I love the farmer’s market. The feast of produce, the handmade foods and crafts, the flavor and gorgeousness that can grow just for the nurturing, and yes, the people; I think all of it is so terrific!

Besides being fun and purposeful (this is grocery shopping after all and not just a festival), this is morally and sustainably pertinent. I vote with my dollar. I vote for this– local, personal, in season, organic, varied, human scale, community building, low carbon, low waste, non-monoculture, delicious, and beautiful.

Every Saturday morning here this mutual miracle of effort and appreciation takes place. I love it. I hope you too support your local farmer’s market. If not, you are missing out. The more often you go, and the deeper you commit to this value, the more difference it can make, both for you, your community, and for the wider hope of the world.


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  1. Diana 5 years ago

    Beautiful photos Polly. Farmer’s markets are full of artistic inspiration.

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