Wolfpack (Book Review)

Wolfpack (Book Review)

Wolfpack (book review)

This is a strong, little book for women about taking back their power. I agree with what she says, although sometimes I feel like a lone wolf without a pack. She debunks old “rules” that have kept women subservient, and creates new ones to follow. She’d have every woman own her leadership potential, and therefore collectively change the world.

I think this is how it needs to be done, and her new rules should apply to men as well. As we revolutionize ourselves and our daughters, we need to do so for men as well, which this book leaves out of the conversation. Her focus is solely on women, and believe me, I emphatically desire this message to be heard by women, but I guess I’ve been a wolf so long, I’m ready to look beyond what to me is so obvious in this book.

The author was a captain on the winning US Women’s Soccer team. This is a rally call to be there for our other female teammates, like she so enjoyed doing, and to reject the top down model for something better, a level playing field where we support one another. Like the wolves being reintroduced back into Yellowstone, which quickly changed everything in a good way, if women everywhere do these things, global solutions will fall into our laps.

I have always said this. What woman would send their child to war? I’ve maintained since grade school that together, women would find a better way to resolve conflicts. So yes, in collaboration as a sisterhood, let’s fix this world and not leave the men out. Let’s own our leadership potential. Instead of competing for a place at the table, let’s team up with other  women leaders and turn the tables completely.

Wolfpack is a very short, quick read, and therefore to my mind, an expensive little book. It is worth it if you need the message, and a champion woman running along side you, cheering you on. It would have been better as a library book. I bought it for our oldest daughter (who is already in a leadership role) for Christmas, and read her copy last night. I wonder what she will think of it. I give this slim volume four stars.

So c’mon women, let’s do what we can, and hang back no longer. If you don’t know where to start, read this tiny book with its big message. Why is this common sense book being called revolutionary? I guess because of the effect it would have if women everywhere took up the call and did it.

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