Book Review: Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Book Review: Seven Brief Lessons on Physics


This slim volume is wonderful. I give it five stars. It is concise and understandable, relevant and expansive. I bought it for our Physics major daughter, to send her while at camp (she is a horseback riding counselor in Colorado this summer) and I first was compelled to read it myself.

The seven lessons are as follows:

  1. general theory of relativity
  2. quantum mechanics
  3. the cosmos
  4. elementary particles
  5. quantum gravity
  6. black holes
  7. our existence in light of this

Imagine getting all that in 79 pages so it is clear for the uninitiated. It is brilliantly done. I recommend it for those who do not know anything about these topics, as well as those seasoned in them. A reader at any level can benefit from reading and pondering this material. Give it a try or gift it to someone you love!

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