July Flowers in our Yard 2021 (Photos)

July Flowers in our Yard 2021 (Photos)

photos of our flowers

My husband is a natural gardener. We’ve lived here a long time, and each year he adds more. The abundance we have blooming at any one time is amazing. Not all these things are officially flowers, but all are fabulously growing and displaying in our yard right now. Enjoy this walk around our third of an acre!


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  1. Alice 3 years ago

    I happen to drive past your house nearly daily and your yard always looks wonderful, but this year has been spectacular!

  2. Mary Beth 3 years ago

    Oh it’s a time of such bloom power! A surfeit of color and abundance to fill our tanks for leaner months

  3. Kristie 3 years ago

    Two of my favorite things . . . Flowers and vibrant color. Thank you for the photos Polly. I’m a city dweller and don’t have a lot of time in nature. 🌺🌺🌺

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