My Orange Felted Bag

My Orange Felted Bag

Felted bag

I made this felted bag for my mother a few years ago, and this summer when I helped downsize their belongings and move them to smaller accommodations, I inherited it back. It is perfect for carrying in the months of October and November, and probably only then. Astute friends and blog readers have noticed it (it’s hard not to!) and inquired as to why it had not yet appeared on the blog. Since I haven’t made it recently, it hadn’t occurred to me to put it here. But I ended up promising to post it for you to see…

To felt a bag, it must first be knit of wool much larger than the intended finished product. Once put in a washing machine, it shrinks significantly, and abruptly, which is an exciting process. This one I knit in two threads, one basic orange wool yarn along with a thin hand dyed exotic mohair, which gave it softness of hand and variation of color. For decoration, I pearled in some rows multicolored of silk ribbon as well.

This is as much fun to carry as it was to make!


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