Big Bang or Inseparable Oneness?

Big Bang or Inseparable Oneness?

Big Bang or Inseparable Oneness?

The Big Bang makes about as much sense as any material theory. However, I believe in a spiritual cause and effect– a universe based on spiritual laws instead of material ones. Where your premise is, will make all the difference to the conclusion that follows. Therefore, great care must take place, to begin correctly.

The Big Bang starts with a bundle of super condensed matter. Before we get to that exploding apart, where did it come from? Something can’t come from nothing. Furthermore, what cause made it detonate? I think these questions are where the Big Bang theory falls apart before it even has a chance to get started.

Then the theory goes that the sourceless bundle of intense matter blows up and bursts apart, flinging bits of itself everywhere. So this, as a premise, begins the universe based on brokenness, fragmentation, and division. Take on that premise, and you can sure see how it follows into the conclusion of our daily lives.

It results in us internally feeling separated, thwarted, and pining for connection, with a desperate desire of being put back together again. We feel no sense of wholeness, unity, or safety. Our nature is not enduring. Externally, we are surrounded by division, conflict, estrangement, polarity, disaffection, alienation, loneliness, and isolation. Both internally and externally, we need to be fixed, brought together, and rectified, as shards asking to be melted back into glass, or splinters begging to become trees once again.

The contrary view of beginning carries with it a very different outcome. With an infinite spiritual Cause, pre-existence continues secure, until the present day and into the forever beyond. Spirit is the original and supreme source of being. Wholeness is present and permanent– spiritual, instead of material.

So from this premise, oneness (as opposed to division) permeates everything. We have never been separated from each other or our great Source. We are fulfilled, because we already include everything we need, and are at peace, both with ourselves and the universe.  Every infinitesimal component coexists in perfect balance and distinct congruity, with all of infinity.

The Big Bang is essentially an excruciating shattering of cohesiveness. Tight bonds are broken, and powerful connections are dispersed. No wonder every human discord stems from feeling separate, broken, lacking, impacted upon, or incomplete. This is the grand conclusion that stems from the premise that the Big Bang offers.

Instead, wouldn’t it be better to understand our forever unity with Spirit, and feel inseparable oneness with that? That premise culminates in harmony, togetherness, intelligent solidarity, individual excellence, and intact completeness, living all in one accord.

Which premise you choose will determine your (and our!) experience. Please choose wisely and with intention.

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  1. Joseph D Herring 5 years ago

    I take it as axiomatic that human beings seek to discover truth and be subject to it. Correlatively, we are repelled by falsehood and seek freedom from it. There are two basic tools by which we articulate our understanding of truth : words and numbers. In any credible theory of the universe ,words and numbers must be congruent. I believe we human beings have not yet discovered the full truth about the origin and destiny of the universe. It would seem perfectly plausible that an infinite series of big bangs is followed by an infinite series of big crunches. We don’t know. But we have our systems of belief. I do not know what is meant by ” With an infinite spiritual Cause, ( I assume capitalization implies ” God ” ) pre-existence continues secure, until the present day and into the forever beyond.”
    The Bible is of course one of the best known sources of our many belief systems. Whatever matter is, it would appear that God found it useful for creating man ( ‘adham) out of ground (‘adhamah), and that in resurrection,what is buried in the ground as a physical body is raised an imperishable spiritual body.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 5 years ago

      And as you know, this is where we disagree, for matter and Spirit seem antithetical to me.

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